Bright Content enables organisations to maximise the impact of their communications through digital marketing, social media and employee advocacy.

Bright Content specialises in b2b content strategy and social media with a focus on financial technology, artificial intelligence and industries including retail, healthcare and banking.

Over the past decade we’ve worked with some of the biggest names in tech including Spotify, Microsoft, Dell and Digital Leadership Associates.

Social media

Our expertise in organic and paid social media ensures that content reaches clearly defined audiences by industry, job role and location.

In addition we can help you get the most out of the experts working at your business, coaching these employees to craft distinctive content and raise their social media profile with clients, colleagues and communities.

We support these activities with a disciplined approach to programme management and reporting so that organisations have a continuous, uninterrupted view of the return on their content investment.


“He is without doubt the best of the content managers I have worked with and I could not recommend him more.” Google, Marketing Director (client)

“Turning ‘tech’ into content that people enjoy reading and ideas that they can apply to their lives is no easy feat. Peter accomplishes it with flair and ease.” Start-Up Founder and CEO (client)

“In my whole professional circle, I don’t know anyone who can write better business content or speak more intelligently on the topic than Peter.” Former Content Team report, Metia (agency)